Thursday, June 18, 2009

And that was that

And here you see a fern
Moira is going through, lets call it a phase, but really it's the eventual development of her independence, and I will be enjoying for the next 20-30 years. She's good enough at walking that I felt comfortable taking her for a walk in the woods where she got to walk the whole way on her own, except for the big road, where I carried her. I've started telling her that she has a choice, she can hold my hand, or I can carry her across the big road, but she still gets really angry whenever I try to hold her hand. For that matter, she gets angry when I pick her up, but crossing the street holding onto a wiggling child is slightly more safe then letting her wander down the street by herself.
Up and over
The really cute part about our walk was that she picked up this huge rock on our way there and carried it for almost our whole walk. She finally dropped it trying to get over a big log on our way out.
I am struggling to remember to let her make her own decisions on unimportant things. Like whether or not to bring her outside toys inside the house and vice versa. It makes life much easier when I do, and easier on her when I insist on something if she's not constantly being thwarted.
In news of easier to deal with living things in my care, we have baby tomatoes, apples and raspberries. We have full grown wild strawberries too, and have eaten salad from our lettuce, which we need to do again. The potatoes are flowering, but I haven't gone back and reread A Self Sufficient Life's post on potato growing to see what I should do now. I know I didn't hill them as long as was suggested, but I think that just means I'll have fewer potatoes, which for the first time out isn't necessarily a bad thing.
My first time.
I have been holding onto this quilt top for about 3 years. I originally was making it for one of Walker's nieces, but then I decided it wasn't girly enough for her. I really like it though. Both the fabrics for the top were from my Grandma's stash. The blue squares were a cheater print I cut apart. I've resurrected it for Craft Hope's next project. They are collecting blankets, hats and booties for newborns in India and this seemed a better end for it then sitting in my closet unfinished. I even decided to finally take the plunge and try out free motion quilting. I like it more then I expected, but it is, as promised very tiring. This blanket is maybe 24"x40" and I've only got 3/4s of it done after about 3 hours of work.

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