Monday, June 8, 2009

Learning experiences

On Saturday we went to Robinswood park and had a picnic with a couple of people I've met through my parents group. A good time was had by all, and bonus, Moira carefully watched her friend having a super fantastic time (She seriously laughed full throttle and kicked her legs the ENTIRE time she was swinging. I've never seen someone have such a good time) on the swings and decided that maybe swings weren't so bad after all. We went to a different park today and she kept going over to the swings and asking to try it. She didn't seem to be having the best time, but she wanted to do it anyway.
This place is cool!
It's strange that she's so hesitant with the swings, since she not in any other way. She's always walking off without checking to see if I'm following her, she climbs up the stairs on playground equipment, only pausing when she gets to the top and is trying to decide which slide to go down. I let her go when we were at the splash park, to see how far she'd get before checking back in with me. The answer? Farther then I'm willing to let her go, although she did stop before she got to the hill, so that was good.
She's stopped heading immediately for the street when we go outside, so I can weed with her help again. She's also started laughing a lot more when she's playing or reading, not just when she's exhausted. She's also learning how to act silly, to make me laugh. Today she figured out how to move her car while sitting on it, so most of the time at home has been trying that out. She tends to go backwards, but it's still movement. Oh! And she figured out how to get Stewie to play with her. Steal his bone and pretend that you are going to give it back. That was about 30 minutes of good fun. Then she sat on her car, put the bone on the steering wheel where he could see it, but not get it, and then read. Good times.

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