Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How's my driving?

I have been wanting to take a look and see where I'm at on my 101 things in 1001 days project. Now that there's so much html code all over my original list, it's starting to confuse me. I might need to start editing it in compose, just so I can understand it better.

Things I've finished:
5)Finish Dillon's quilt 2/4/09
6)Put together birthday block quilt 6/14/09
25)Research and buy new stroller 1/19/09
31)Replace high kitchen windows 3/13/09 (Contractor says they already are double paned, so that's not where the heat in the kitchen is disappearing)
35)Get curtains for living room 5/23/09
44)Kit out sewing room closet 4/21/09 (Now to organize in there. Bleah)
46)Plant vegetables (5/28/09) (Going okay so far, but I wish it would rain so I didn't have to water everything every day. I live in the PacNW because I like the rain!_
65)Don't get premade food for one month just because you are tired/sad/overwhelmed (30/30) 3/24/09
66)Have at least 2 home cooked meals ready in the freezer for 2 months (60/60) 4/21/09
78)Organize computer info onto one computer (I don't remember when we did this, but it was in March) 3/31/09
80)Contribute 150 pictures to flickr groups (150/150) 4/18/09 (I upped this goal because I was doing it much faster then I thought, and I still finished really quickly.
82)Find earth friendly feminine hygiene product that I will actually use 5/30/09 (end of first period where I actually used the mooncup the WHOLE time)
91)Buy a proper fitting bathing suit 3/4/09

That's 13 things in 6 months. My end date is Oct 7, 2011. If I keep up this pace I will on be 3/4 of the way through. BUT, I have a lot of things I'm working on right now, a bunch of which are almost done.

Things I'm working on right now:
1)Finish Sika's quilt (Just needs the binding and label)
4)Finish Etienne's quilt (Quilting, binding and label)
7)Make Becca & Andrew's quilt (Rip it, rip it. I'm hoping to get this done by their wedding at the end of August, so it will be my main quilt project until then)
8)Mail quilts to Michigan family (6/10) (I have one that just needs a label and then it can be mailed, but I haven't started on the other three)
10)Make quilts for Aaron's kids (Pieces cut for Mariah, online quilting bee working on Taylor)
13)Finish road trip quilt (Yeah, this one probably won't get finished before the deadline. We'll see)
14)Finish Sarah's cross stitch (It's maybe half done. I should put it in the TV room and work on it while watching So You Think You Can Dance)
17)Make plushie dice (I stalled when I discovered I'd accidentally made the 6 sider too big. Hopefully this will get finished for Christmas this year)
18)Crochet 6 dishcloths (1/6) (I don't know where my yarn went. Hrm)
20)Make six pieces of clothing for me(2/6) (This was originally 3, but I want to make it a habit, so I upped the number. I would be happy if I made one piece of clothing for me per month. I might actually use up enough fabric to get my sewing room organized if I did.)
23)Successfully participate in ten swaps (3/10) (Currently participating 4 more)
24)Have a family outing 12 times (2/12) (We went to the Aquarium and Pike Place Market on President's day, I think. Walker is taking some time off before the 4th of July, and we might go to NW Trek then. This one is harder then I thought. We like to stay home and play video games too much. Oh wait! We went to on a family picnic, that totally counts)
26)Go on at least one baby free outing with Walker every two months for a year (3/6) (Dinner, Savor Seattle tour, a movie. We've actually managed to do this more then every other month, so go us!)
27)Make at least two mom friends with children close to Moira's age (1/2) (I should probably actually count this one as done, but it's hard to say, 'yup, you are my friend now.' I feel like such a dweeb)
28)Go someplace new with Moira at least once a month for 6 months (3/6) (I'm not sure what I was thinking when I put this on here. She hasn't been anywhere, so every place we go is new. Although, we have been to a lot of places now, and I guess I'm just trying to keep myself from developing a rut. This one might change, we'll see)
32)Find out if insulation can be added to kitchen floor (Yes! We will get this done before winter, and then this will become a done)
34)Put bathroom in downstairs (Our basement is below the water table, which is good for the rasberries I haven't watered since we moved in, but bad for this. First phase is done, with new plumbing installed to make this possible. Very expensive)
41)Deep clean the house once a year (1/3) (Is it cheating that we paid people to do this this year?)
45)Tame vegetable patch (We don't seem to know anyone with a weed whacker, so I just started chopping everything down by hand, mostly so I could get to the raspberries)
50)Turn yard into meadow (This is another one that will be hard to tell when to classify it as done. We probably have more non grass then grass in there right now, but I just haven't decided what this means)
51)Make at least two vegetarian meal a week for 2 months (0/8) (Start 6/16/09) This was originally one per week, but then I realized that I've been doing this easily without noticing)
54)Spend at least one hour outdoors 2 times a week for a year (4/104) (Start 4/24/09) (We are also doing this easily right now. Moira cries when I make her go back inside)
60)Bake bread 5 times (2/5) (I'm not sure this will be something I ever excel at, but I've at least made bread that actually rose)
61)Cook 5 indian meals (Not pre made Tasty Bites) (1/5) (This stymies me, although I just tried something strange with lentils that Walker liked so I should look at lentil recipes)
62)Make 10 different meals in crockpot (5/10) (Will not be doing this much during the summer I think)
63)Try 25 new recipies (4/25) (I hate recipes, but I really want to expand my repetoire. I've used recipes more often then this, but I alter them so much, I haven't been counting it)
68)Scan negatives & slides from Pickle (Oh my god I love my new scanner)
69)Finish uploading photos (I have to decide where I'm putting these. I'm not happy with picasaweb's interface, but I don't want them cluttering up my flickr account)
73)Comment 100 times on blogs/LJ (85/100) (I'm shy. This is ridiculously hard. I probably shouldn't have counted the comments on pearl's LJ, since that's a third of those comments, but I am)
76)Get rid of Drizzle account (Hi, yeah, I'm changing to shannon (at) hillinger (dot) org, KTHNX)
79)Make 5 playlists (1/5) (I just remembered that Walker said when he put all the new music from Gamercon on our server it probably deleted my playlist and now I have to start all over!)
81)Finish 100 species challenge (80/100) (I have at least 5 pictures for this on the computer right now)
85)Don't use wrapping paper for one year (Easy peasy so far)
86)Go one year without paper towels (We are only missing them when we cook bacon, but I keep having to convince people to use the dish towels and napkins to clean up messes "It's really okay! I do plenty of laundry already!")
87)Visit Canada twice at a time other then Halloween (1/2) (Walker wanted to look at electric bicycles, which are popular in Vancouver, but not here yet)
99)Get dressed every day for 6 months (start June 1) (15/180) (Suddenly easier then I expected, given my predilection for staying in my jammies all day in California. But then, I frequently have to change my outfit because of baby mess at least once a day, even if I stay in my jammies)
101)Get Anime haircut (I left long bits in the front the last time I cut my hair, but it looks pretty weird and accidental right now. I think it will be better once it's longer. Or if I used a flat iron. Maybe I should braid them for now, and pretend that I'm an Elf)

So, that's 37 things in progress, some of which should be finished soon. I think that makes my progress look much better.


  1. Looks like you're doing far better than I. I should re-try the salt one of mine, and re-start my comments one, too...

    So many things to do. :P

  2. Hiring someone to do the deep cleaning absolutely counts.

    I think it's pretty impressive how much you've done.

  3. I too am impressed with both how much you've done and how much is well underway.

    Comments on my LJ count for 1/2 maybe? Go comment on some of the NWC LJ posts!

    Suggestions on the dishtowels/napkins: Please have MORE OF THEM out and visible and I'll be more likely to use them. I keep looking for a sponge at your house and to be honest the one orange dishcloth often looks like I really don't want to touch it. Maybe stack them on the counter when you know you'll have guests? Going into the other room to get them means I just don't think of it when my hands are wet/messy.

    Teeny tiny braids! Also, would you like me to cut your hair?

    Recipes that you alter should definitely count!

    Meadow: that's a hard one. How about you count it as done when Walker never has to mow again? (Maybe that doesn't work, you tell me.)