Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The cuteness! It burns us!

Fine, I'll pose
Last night I pulled out the 18 month sized clothes since some of Moira's 12 month stuff is getting too small. (the Metallica onesie was the first to go. It was super short.) This is the second of these outfit she's worn, and I can't get over how much cuter this bunch of clothes is! I think it's because she's out of the infant section and into the toddler clothes. The leg warmers are Huggalugs from my Aunt. She rarely wears this pair because up until now they didn't quite work with her clothes, but I LOVE how they look with the little dress.
I talked myself out of going shopping for some more tops for her today, but now I really wish I had gone.
There are so many little ways in which she's grown up lately. She goes to the fridge when if she wants a snack, she casually leans against things, sometimes when she is falling asleep she'll open her eyes, smile at me and then roll over and be out like a light. You can see her processing things when we ask her questions. She gets a mischievous look on her face when she does something she knows she's not supposed to do. Suddenly she's growing up so fast.

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  1. She hasn't been a "baby" to me for a while now, and she's aaaaaalmost to my favorite stage: THE TODDLES! (She has to either get bouncy curls or start talking before I can place her fully into the category. Yeah, I know, my labeling system is weird!)