Wednesday, June 24, 2009


For the last few days a lovely high pitched screech has been the predominant sound out of her mouth. I am working on the concept of 'indoor voices' with her, but I can't realistically expect her to understand that for a few years. Although she did come up to me earlier today and did a stage scream (mouth all the way open, tiny little 'aaaargh' coming out). I'm trying to use more signs, since she has started waving bye bye whenever she wants anything, a nap, food, to go somewhere, and it's a little confusing. I believe in letting her chose her own forms of communication over a rigid standardized baby signs lesson plan, but I think I must not gesture enough. She hasn't even started shaking or nodding her head yet. So I'm trying.
The change in nap schedule is driving me batty. When she dropped her third nap, it just disappeared one day and never came back. The switch from two to one seems to be much harder. She'll go for a week with the old two nap schedule, and just when I get used to planning according to that she'll switch back to one. Repeat as necessary. I can't count the amount of play dates I've canceled lately because of that. I also can't count the number of times we have stuck with the original plan, and had a miserable time. I should say, she usually enjoys herself right up to the point of complete meltdown. And then there's an absolutely miserable drive home. We tried to go to the Aquarium on Monday with a friend who is in from out of town, and despite being absolutely exhausted, Moira didn't fall asleep on the way there, or while we were there in the stroller, or on the way home after I'd given up until we were literally three minutes from home. So I had to poke her to keep her awake. And then she was really pissed. We made plans with the same friend to go to the zoo tomorrow starting at 11, so Moira could have the morning nap she had wanted on Monday and has wanted every day for almost two weeks. Until today. When she finally went down for her nap at 11. Perfect. At the very least, she is more interested in the animals at the Zoo then she is in fish, so she will be happier to sit in her stroller. And maybe this time I won't knock most of our snack onto the floor five minutes after we get there. And if all else fails, Red Mill is a short walk away, and I can ply her with french fries and milkshakes.
Wish us luck.

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