Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend update

Earlier this week, I started campaigning for Walker to take a day or two off work soon so we can have some time to just relax and possibly do a small outing with the baby without feeling rushed. I kind of forgot that Memorial Day means there is an extra weekend day, and now some of the pressure I was feeling is relieved. We had a busy weekend (for us) but I still feel like there was a lot of relaxation time.
On Saturday we got together with friends and watched their 10 month old while they saw Star Trek, then they watched Moira while we did the same. Their poor daughter was scared of Walker, so the day didn't start off too great for her, but after a nice walk through the woods (twice) she felt comfortable enough to have fun and play outside. It wasn't quite warm enough to strip them to play with the water table, so there were a number of outfit changes throughout the day.
I really enjoyed Star Trek. I think it had a lot of the joy the earlier shows and movies had that the most recent ones have been missing. Plus, I was happy to see that the girl playing Uhura had darkish skin, since when I saw the posters originally I wasn't sure who the girl was supposed to be due to the obnoxious whitebrushing (I can't find it anymore, but she looked about as dark as T'Pol from Enterprise.
On Sunday we split up the day, Walker watched Moira while she was awake, so I could sew and go to the fabric store) and I took care of naps so he could play Bioshock. I am 2/3rds of the way through quilting our new king sized quilt. I'm stitching in the ditch for now, so I can bind it and we can start using it as soon as possible, then as time permits, I'll go back and do fancier quilting in the individual squares.
Monday was yard work day, Walker spent the morning mowing the front yard, and then after morning nap, we went to finish preparing the vegetable beds. I started out with Moira on my back, but she got bored, so I put her in the grass on one of the unprepared beds and she freaked out because, grass is scary! So then I let her run around the patio for awhile, but she started climbing up the stairs by the beds, and when she rolled partway down and freaked out, we decided to go inside for awhile. Walker finished turning the bed, and when he was done, I went out and replanted the potato plants we had found while turning the dirt and the broccoli Moira got at Farm Tots.
It was near nap time, but we decided to go out to Molly Moon's for ice cream, and then we swung by the Zoo to see the new Penguin exhibit. Then we were all thoroughly exhausted and headed home. Moira has started sleeping in the car again, which is awesome, since her car seat is turned around so when it's just the two of us, I can now prop open the kitchen door and keep an eye on her rather then having to sit in the car.
Moira now has 5 teeth, and another one on the way. She's also learned to kiss, which is adorable. She's also suddenly decided to wave for reals this time. She waved at Daddy when he left for work this morning (first at the closed garage door, and then at the street after his car was no longer visible). She also waved at a number of people as we were leaving the park, and at least three people at the grocery store. She also started sticking out her tongue and playing with that after her friend left on Saturday. Evelyn is very into talking and playing with her tongue, and I guess Moira thought that looked like fun. It's better then the teeth grinding she was trying out for a little bit.

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