Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Merle & George Bordwick
These aren't the best quality scans. My sister did them in the late 90's, back when scanner technology was pretty new. It's on my list of long term projects to sit down with her an the photo albums and my fancy new scanner an redo everything.
I've always loved this photo of my mother's parents. This was taken on their wedding day. Grandpa was in the Canadian Air Force (I think it was the Air Force) in World War 2. His brother was also in the Air Force. His plane crashed on the US side of the border, and they refused to extradite his body for some reason, so he's buried in a tiny town in Maine. I tried to find it when I was there back in 2000, but for a small town, it sure had a lot of graveyard.
Bordewick family
My grandparent's and their children. My mom is the one in pink. I love how goofy everyone looks in this picture, even my normally distinguished grandfather. I feel like I should submit this to Awkward Family Photos

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  1. Excellent photos! Very nostalgic.
    I don't think the family photo is goofy. To me, it looks like one of the outtakes when everyone was just starting to smile. I'm sure the next picture was better.

  2. I love family portraits. They really capture a moment in time in that studio setting. No one ever looks natural.

  3. Awkward family photos is too good!

    I love the first one! The necklace is beautiful and they look sooo young!

  4. I love the idea of vintage photo fridays, the first one reminds me of some I have of my grandparents...good memories :o)