Friday, May 8, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Yesterday was Moira's birthday, Sunday is both Mother's Day and my Birthday and on Saturday we are having a party to watch Moira destroy a cupcake with, at last count, 16 guests with the possible addition of my neighbors. So today, I wanted to share a party picture.
Lance, AP, Elizabeth & Mabel Holly
Unfortunately, that's harder to find in my old pictures then I had hoped, but I found this one, where everyone is dressed up. This is Lance, AP, Elizabeth & Mabel Holly, and the only thing I know is that they are in Purdue. I love the little dress Lance is wearing, but Elizabeth's hat is better.

For more vintage photos, visit Paper Dolls for Boys


  1. Pure fanciness. That is a really lovely photo.

    Have a great weekend with lots of celebrating and such!

  2. I want Mabel's hat! Awesome photo.

  3. Oh my but you have some fancy folks in your family tree! I love this photo, hope your party went well!

  4. Fancy! It would be fun to dress up like this.