Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Tuesday style

  • Moira was sneaking down the hall after me and giggling hysterically the whole way. I tried to tell her that wasn't a good way to sneak, and then I stopped myself because at least she wasn't crying hysterically. Again.
  • I have two entries in my 100 species challenge that I blatantly mislabeled, but I'm waiting to have enough pictures of plants I really want to identify to make edits. This may take awhile.
  • I am participating in Craft Hope's new project, making dolls for an orphanage in Nicaragua. I decided to make boy dolls, since I will have plenty of opportunities for girly crafting. My first doll has a little head and big body, but I love him anyway.
  • I have finally been to the downtown library. I hate the elevators.
  • Moira seems to have two teeth on the top trying to work their way out right now. Poor cranky baby.
  • My baby turns a year old in two days. I started thinking, "time moves so fast..." earlier today, and then I suddenly realized that, no, this has been the longest year of my life. Time can begin moving too fast now please.
  • This game was obviously designed for me. Too bad it sucks so bad.
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