Monday, May 11, 2009

I survived party weekend

Future band leader
Moira's birthday was a success. She ate the frosting off the cupcake and rejected the cake (I made them with the whole wheat pastry flour because I wasn't sure I had enough regular flour, so they were a little dense. But the adults seemed happy with the whole wheatiness. And the teens, come to think of it, so it was all good.) She also had a lot of fun with my Mom's cane. It might have even been more fun then the presents. She even got to show off her tumbling skills to our friend Robin, who teaches children's Gymnastics.
I'm ashamed to admit that my favorite of the toys are the plastic things with lights and motors. I would never buy them on my own, but boy do babies love them.
We tried to get a picture of me and Moira on Mother's Day/my birthday, but Walker isn't so used to the camera, so they all came out blurry. My mother in law got me a new scanner, so I spent a bunch of yesterday and today scanning in slides from the 40's and 50's. I just started on the stereoscopic slides, so I'll have some extra fun things to share on Friday. I am curious why they had the technology to do full lifelike color on slides in the 40's but not on photos. Sika says it's likely the paper to print color photos on that was the problem.
I also got some sewing done. I'm using blocks from a couple of block swaps from 2007/2008 to make a new quilt for our bed. The one we have now is queen sized and we have a California king, so it covers just the top with no overlap. I've got the sashing done, and now I just have to add borders until it seems big enough. I wanted to take a picture yesterday, when I had help to hold it up, but I didn't get around to it. I should hang it up on the laundry line.

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