Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy birthday Squidge

Moira at 1 year old
When we woke up this morning, I congratulated Walker on us having kept her alive for a year. not that that part has been very hard.
She hasn't been feeling very good for the last two days, to the point where she threw up at Trader Joe's, making the cashier very uncomfortable. I think it's the two teeth working their way out of her top gums and not Swine flu, but I didn't think he'd believe me if I tried to explain that.
When I look back at the pictures of her in her first month, I'm mostly relieved. But then again, I've also started looking at other people's brand new babies with nostalgia and yearning. It was so easy back when we could just put her down and she'd stay there. But not nearly as fun.
Her actual birthday party is on Saturday, and we are saving the cake experience for then. I am making a dinner tonight that she can actually eat all of, and that she likes. If we have time, Walker will turn her car seat around, which I think is what she wants more then anything.


  1. Happy birthday Miss Moira. I'm so glad I get to count you as a friend. :0)

  2. Happy happy birthday.

    I think you guys have done a great job, and I can't wait to see you all Saturday. :D