Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obligitory Moira post

I haven't done this in awhile, so here is a short list of recent developmental changes.

She is much better at walking now, and has once made it across the living room rug without having to sit down.

She has learned how to put her hands down when she's hanging upside down off my knees so she can tumble all the way over. I know this is what she wants to do when she comes up to me and tips her head back as far as she can.

When I offer water or bananas without giving them to her post haste, there is complaining and occasionally "nananana" when talking about bananas.

She likes to spend time looking out the front window and can communicate the desire to do this by pointing at the couch.

She's been touching her head a lot since she recovered from her cold. She had started doing it because she had a sinus headache for awhile and then because she really likes the baby Tylenol (I have to pry the syringe out of her hands) she kept doing it. I'm not sure what she wants now when she does it, but she's not getting angry when the Tylenol doesn't appear.

I just had to pack away the last of the 6 month clothes.

She discovered the dog food, and has managed to eat a kibble at least twice. The last time she had a very disturbed look on her face, so hopefully she'll stop trying it.

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  1. o this name - Moira is so beautiful! It was on our list as well! sounds like she is some character.. wonderful!