Monday, April 27, 2009


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I finally figured out how to manually focus my camera on the way to dinner at a friend's house on Saturday. Of course, in my excitement, I left it there, but fortunately, I saw the same friend on Sunday at the blanket bee for Project Linus.
I have to decide if I want to post any of my blurry "oh yeah, now I have to focus" photos from our walk on Sunday night, until then, please enjoy this photo of my daughter's insane hair, taken by my Dad. I guess I should buy her a real hairbrush now. One that will actually do something other then increase the static cling level on her head.
I planted three more lilacs on Saturday, after discovering the little babies the established one has been sending out. Tomorrow I need to dig out some Hyacinth bulbs to take to the mommy meetup I am planning on going to. At least, I was planning on going, but I may have to hang around the house and wait for a delivery because the person who scheduled our delivery at Lowes doesn't understand the difference between this week and last week.
My neighbor came over on Friday to offer us the loan of her lawnmower, because we haven't mowed our lawn since we moved in last June. I told her about the delivery mistake and that we were going to do it next week and she tried to talk me into borrowing it anyway because it's my turn to host quilt group and what will the ladies think? Then she came back over on Saturday while I was planting trees and said that her husband says we can't use a new mower on grass this tall because it will kill the motor! So we should still borrow theirs and do it now!
We didn't. I want to firmly cement my status as "that house" on the block. It's hard to do though, since the same neighbors that want me to mow my grass have 4 non working cars in their driveway, many of which are missing doors or body parts.

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  1. congratulations on staying true to yourself -- and your yard -- and YOUR way!!