Monday, April 6, 2009


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Operation: Get baby used to the outdoors, in progress. I would like to point out that this entire outfit (minus the diaper, but including the cover) was purchased by pearl, as was the emergency back up outfit in the diaper bag and the jammies she wore to bed that night.

Things that have annoyed me this week so far, and it's only Monday:
I forgot that the sun is hot and can hurt you, so the baby got her first ever sunburn. Fortunately, it seems to be gone already.
All my knit shirts have holes in them in the same place. I think it's from the constant baby carrying (her weight rubbing the shirt against the buttons on my pants) but it's pissing me off. I want to buy new shirts, but not if they are just going to get ruined. I also want to stop wandering around in holey shirts.
I got some time to make quilt blocks for the bee I'm in, and every block I made was 1/2" too small. WHY? I could have sworn I had the math right.


  1. The answer to your why question is:
    MATHS is HARD.


  2. Shirt holes!!!! My neighbor and I are experiencing the same phenomenon and it's really getting ridiculous. I thought my jeans were too small, and slowly poking through, but she's tiny and her jeans fit. I never thought about the toddler carrying...I'll have to go call her. But we never had this happen when our toddlers were small. I'd say it's been going on about a year.