Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crazy baby

Yeah yeah
So, an official problem with a spring baby is that she has no idea what to do with the outdoors. She likes to look at things that are outside, and it's okay to be among them in her stroller, but except for one time when we were at a playground with other babies she knows, she is distinctly unimpressed with them. I'm really surprised that she doesn't like the swing, even on my lap, since she regularly throws herself backwards while I'm holding her for the head rush, but she doesn't. She would also rather not touch the strange stuff on the ground, especially the wet grass in out backyard. I guess this is something we are just going to have to carefully and repeatedly introduce her to.
On the other hand,she was perfectly happy to hang out with gamers, and even be held by them. (I am not kidding. She sat with Bevan for like, 5 minutes before she wanted to do something else. Crazy.) Even though she was tired. It probably helps that they listen to her Daddy's music. And that she and Bevan obviously has similar fashion sense. I really should have brought the other red barrette for him to wear. I'm disappointed with this onesie though. Not only does it have a stupid tag, but it's really short, so it barely snapped. I estimate maybe 2 weeks worth of wear. It makes her popular with teenaged boys though. Next on Walker's shopping list: Slayer onesies.
There was more to this post in my head when I was walking around the park this afternoon, but I don't remember it now. This is why people are always pulling out their blackberries in the middle of things I guess.


  1. It's a really good sign that she's letting other folks hold her (even if to YOU they are not strangers). Developmentally it means that she's learned to trust. Congratulations: attachment parenting is working! She now feels safe with others, confident that if she needs you, you'll be there. Happy healthy baby: we love you.

  2. I was actually more concerned that she doesn't like the park but she's letting gamers touch her. Icky gamers.

  3. So what you're saying is, that you don't LIKE the way that she's learned to trust the bad parts of life and is still leary of the good parts?