Friday, March 6, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

A P and F C Holly in the early 1900's
I feel vaguely guilty doing this because I have such a treasure trove of vintage photos to play with, and it's all the fault of this kid with the fake mutton chops. That is my husband's great grandfather, Alanson Parker (AP) Holly, shown here with his brother Forrest. These photos were taken in the early 1900's (probably 1901 or 1902). I guess he bought himself a camera around then and always had one from then on. He was not well off for much of his life, but he always had a camera.

A P Holly in the early 1900's
I ended up with all these pictures because Walker's mother's house was in a fire and I offered to take the photos that had survived and scan them in so he and his siblings would have photos of his childhood. When his aunts heard about this, they started to send me the boxes of old photos they had, and told the extended family, so they started sending photos. And documents. I've been working on preserving these things for more then three years, and it's a project that never ends. I have a box of stereoscopic slides waiting to be scanned right now, but I don't have a scanner that can handle them yet. I really need to set up a blog to share the documents too, but that's on my looong to-do list.
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  1. Goodness gracious do I envy you with these amazing photos. It's rare to see old photos with such drama and fun. What a treasure.

    What a great project to be the keeper of records for a family. A lot of work to be sure but such an important and powerful thing to do! Good for you (I am wondering if folks in my extended family would entrust the position to me?!).

    So glad we are blog linked now!

  2. Great Grandpa AP was quite the character. They must have had a blast taking those photos.

    What an honor to be the archivist for the family photos. I look forward to seeing more.

  3. complete strangerMarch 6, 2009 at 5:33 PM

    These are great photos! Great Grandpa must have been quite the character!

  4. wow - that's what I call vintage photos! - Puh, sounds like you do have long ways to go with that collection of pictures, but I still envy you for having them!!!