Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ugly fabric challenge

My quilt group had our big reveal for the ugly quilt challenge. One person hadn't gotten even a block assembled, because she kept doubting her plan, but everyone else had at least a basted quilt. Hopefully, Julie will have something to show us next month.

Margaret's Ugly Quilt
It's really hard to see Margaret's ugly fabric in this picture, because she used the reverse side, and it's only the small strip around the center panel where the flower is. But then, she used the rest of the fabric as the backing, still reversed. And tea dyed. It was widely agreed that she had the worst combination of fabrics, even though everyone hated their own ugly fabric the most. I love how she continued the lattice from the border in the quilting.

Ruth's Ugly Quilt
I love how Ruth's turned out, and I'm completely in awe of her straight lines. It's very small, maybe doll quilt sized, so those black strips are only 1/2" wide. It's impressive how well her fabrics blend together. The border is made from little rectangles of all four fabrics, but it looks like a new pattern.

Leslie's Ugly Quilt
Leslie has actually been done since about 3 weeks after we swapped fabric, although she still says she has stuf left to do (fray check the ties I believe). Whatever. It's been hanging on her wall for 2 months, that's done enough for me. The little white flowers on the hanging banners are origami. You can't see the sashiko quilting she did on the whole thing but it's beautiful.

My ugly quilt
And mine. Very wonky. You can't tell in this picture since it's not hanging straight, but not a single line matches up. My sashing is also 1/2" wide, but not nearly as well done as Ruth's. But I decided two things 1)I was getting this thing DONE come heck or high water, so I just banged it out, and 2)I am a wonky person. I enjoy free form cutting and piecing, so why fight it? I'm at the point now where I can make things line up right, most of the time, but I have more fun when I don't have to worry about that.

I had a great time with this. Now we are starting our Round Robin, so I will have to be more careful with my corners. I'm starting out with Carol's a Storm at Sea blocks, but I'm only going to make the squares, and not the rectangle bits, so I have a chance of making something nice.

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