Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sorry Walker, we are going to need to refinish the floors

This has been a rough week, starting off with me being sick and continuing with Moira being bored. Toys are no good (even new toys) if they require you to sit down. Every minor inconvenience leads to major whining. And have I mentioned that she's exhausted but refusing to nap? Yeah. She likes to play with me when I try to put her to sleep. Because no matter how tired she is, mommy lying down is silly! This started this a month or so ago at night, and so Walker just took over bedtime and she goes to sleep pretty well, but now nap time is getting to be a major struggle and by the end of the day, I am at the end of my rope and she is exhausted.
This morning I gave up trying to entertain her and pulled a chair away from the table and let her push it in circles for half an hour. So fun! (except when she bumps into something and can't move it anymore) I think I should break down and pay full price for some sort of pushing toy for her entertainment, and my sanity. Maybe that's what we'll do today.
Yesterday pearl suggested we go to Southcenter, and I finally gave in. She enjoyed saying "I told you so!" after we visited the amazing family rooms (Nursing stalls! Baby toys! Many changing tables at actual proper height! Comfy chairs!) not to mention the family eating area with little chairs for Moira to push. She napped on the way there and the way back, so it must have been a good time. It's too bad Southcenter is so far from me, but we may be visiting again when we have particularly difficult days.

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