Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just one this week



Just one flower this time, because I'm bored of the pictures I still have from the end of fall (Moss! Lichen! Ferns!) and it's snowing again, but these are in bloom and it's such a nice burst of color.
29. Crocus
Already knew: These are bulbs that come in a variety of colors, mostly purples, yellows and white. They are one of the first bulbs to bloom in this area, beaten out by Snowdrops, but still blooming in the end of winter. They propagate the same way Snowdrops dropping seeds and growing in clumps. The spice Saffron is actually harvested from the stamens of certain crocuses, pulled by hand. That's why it's the most expensive spice.
Recently learned: This is the Dutch Crocus, and it's popular with gardeners specifically because of how early it blooms. There are some cultivars of the Crocus that bloom in the Autumn. The bulb of the Crocus is called a Corm.

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