Saturday, March 21, 2009

Everyone Needs a Rock

pearl was kind enough to go with me to the Quilter's Anonymous quilt show on Friday. She even pushed the baby around so I could take pictures. Moira enjoyed all the attention while safely strapped in her stroller where not many people will touch her, and because she was showing off, she even figured out how to hold onto her cup with both hands and drink at the same time. Hopefully this will make Walker's life easier when he's watching her at Norwescon.
On our way back towards my house after the show, pearl and I were discussing the quilts and how I like to know what people like in quilts, just cause I find the information interesting.
"Just so you know," she says, "I don't want a quilt, so don't put me on the list."
"Okay, why not?"
"The quilt I like are covered in sparklies and things and the cats would kill them."
"Good reason."
A bit later pearl says, "Alton and I have been trying to find a lightweight blanket to go inbetween the comforter and the sheet that's not synthetic, and we can't."
"You want a quilt. You have cotton fabric and cotton batting and it's both lightweight and helps keep you warm well when it's colder. It's the only blanket we used for 80% of the time in California."
"No, but it wouldn't be showing at all and it would be a shame to cover up something pretty like that."
"So get two big pieces of plain cotton fabric and a layer of batting and sew them together. That's a quilt."
In conclusion. EVERYONE wants a quilt. They just may not know it yet.
Loudest baby in the world
We had lunch today with my parents and both my Grandmothers. At Applebees. At my Dad's suggestion. If you know my Dad, you know that this is a sure sign of the apocalypse. But he was right, it is a great place to bring a baby, one person in a wheelchair and two people with walkers. Whether or not it's a good place to bring Walker is up to him. This picture doesn't capture any of the cute things Moira did while we were there, because my camera ran out of batteries right before the cute stuff started happening (sitting on Grumpy's shoulders, playing with the hanging plants), and Dad hasn't uploaded his pictures yet. It does show you what she looks like while screeching. This is the look I see most of the day.

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