Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 in a row! Jackpot!

Yay beads!
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Moira & I went to a friend's first birthday party yesterday. Most of the babies present were 10 months old, except the birthday girl, and one 8 month old. Mom hired a Kindermusic teacher to come and provide the entertainment, and while Moira enjoyed it, I think my brain would bleed out of my ears if I had to go on a regular basis. Plus, most of the point of Kindermusic is to teach babies signs, which Moira has shown completely zero interest in. She still doesn't wave on a regular basis. She started to wave, so I enthusiastically started waving at her more often, and she stopped doing it. Ah well.
Today we went to the Kelsey Creek Farm, a little farm run by the Bellevue parks department. That was good fun and I intend to go back. The pig was especially impressive to the babies, because sh snorted loudly the whole time.
After we were done looking at the few animals brave enough to face the rain, we decided to go walk the trails a bit. Unfortunately, the trails were up a hill, which we didn't realize until we were committed to them. Fortunately, the two of us with strollers had jogging strollers so we could make it over the hills. We were hiking for at least an hour. Then I came home and ate Walker's leftover cheesecake while Moira napped in the car.
In the woods I saw a lot of Skunk Cabbage in bloom and got all excited. I made everyone stop so I could take a picture. I missed it in the woods in California. Yay stinky plants!

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