Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wiggly things

Twisty Hazelnut
25. Twisted Hazelnut
Already knew: This is an ornamental tree, and does not actually make hazelnuts. It's deciduous, and much less interesting when it is covered with leaves. Florists like to use it in winter arrangements to create interest.
Recently learned: There is not much information about this tree on the web. It is also called contorted hazelnut and corkscrew hazelnut. The twisting is caused by one recessive gene, and crossing it with regular hazelnut trees causes normal trees. Even if you cross it with another twisted hazelnut, you still produce normal trees 3 out of 4 times.
Curly Willow
26. Curly Willow
Already knew: Also called Corkscrew Willow. This is just like a regular willow tree, but bent. I guess it is has the same gene thing going on with the hazelnut above. Willow bark is used to make Aspirin. They like to grow along streams. This is also very popular in winter floral arrangements.
Recently learned: Willow seeds are poisonous. Willows need constant moist soil. You can grow them by planting branches from other people's trees.

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