Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop snoring! You don't have a cold!

Alfafa hair
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A few random baby things:
She has enough hair to stick up funny, but not enough for barrettes. Suck.
Can I stop feeding her real food now? Just until she's potty trained?
Kiwis are tasty. And not citrus. I really should have googled that earlier.
She now has two teeth. And the first one is pretty visible.
She slept better last night then she has for the last week, so the sleep problems were probably tooth related. Excellent.
If old ladies know they are going to frighten babies when they get too close too fast, why do they keep doing it?

In non baby randomness; pearl and I were at Pacific Fabrics yesterday and I was trying to nurse Moira in the pattern section when I overheard this conversation.
Old Lady 1: I like those pants that are full and then gathered at the ankle.
Old Lady 2: Yeah, those are good.
Middle Aged Lady: Just like M J Hammer! Do you remember M J Hammer?

I sat there for a minute thinking how weird that they new a lady named M J Hammer before it occurred to me that they were talking about Parachute pants.

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