Friday, February 20, 2009

Penguins are so sensitive

And then he said...
Moira has started actually playing with her toys instead of just chewing on them or hitting things with them. Until today this has mostly meant laying on her back with a toy in each hand and wiggling a lot, but today she had both these penguins and was wiggling them in front of each other, like they were having a conversation. Oddly, this was happening in total silence, but it was super cute.
She's also getting more into peek a boo. She's been good at pulling blankets off her head for awhile, but today she started putting the blanket back on her head so the game could continue. Then we sat down with her doll and played peek a boo with it for awhile, but that seemed to confuse her a bit.
Where's the baby?
We went shopping with pearl and Mirella on Wednesday, and I found a set of four board books with touchy bits and flaps. She really likes them all, but blue is her favorite. She also likes to stop on the page in "Goodnight Gorilla" that is primarily blue. In a mini rant, it really bothers me when people do a set of four color books with the primary three (red, yellow and blue) and green. Even though green is my favorite color. I just don't think it's fair to the other secondary colors.

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  1. Aaron loves Goodnight Gorilla! For the longest time he would do the face that the lady is doing when she finds all the animals -- big eyes and big open mouth while taking a big breath in, just like I did when I read that page. It was truly hilarious.