Monday, February 9, 2009

Is today over yet?

Mmm tasty and painful
Today has been a hard day for Moira. Since Walker left for work she has; scratched her head deep enough to draw blood with her fingernail while I was trying to trim it, closed her hand in a drawer, chewed on the screw in this picture until she accidentally scratched her mouth, screamed when I took her tasty screw away, sneezed and coughed for a long time until the twig on the left came out of her nose, and freaked out when I had a coughing fit and couldn't stop.
Among other things.
Dinner tonight will be boxed mac and cheese. And maybe rum.


  1. corn and a hot dog go great with boxed mac and cheese.

  2. I love days like this, especially when no one is around to spell you off. My favorite day like this was the one when my older son (3 at the time, so only trying to irritate his brother, not kill him) wrapped a bungee cord around the arm of his time out chair, then around his brother's neck, and started pulling. Note he was ALREADY IN TIME OUT. Great times.

    They do eventually stop sticking things in their nose and mouth incessantly. I promise.