Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The great pickle massacare of '09

Moira and the pickle
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Moira has suddenly decided that food is not just a toy, it is a good thing to eat. Until last week, we would give her bits of cut up food and they would end up in her mouth and get chewed on a bit, and then mostly fall to the floor where Stewie would eat them. Occasionally she'd really like something and she would eat a whole tablespoon of it.
Tonight at dinner, she ate 1 oz of sausage, 1 slice of pear, 1 oz of peaches and 1 oz of apples. Those last two? They were off a spoon! She started refusing to let the spoon in her mouth two months ago, preferring instead to jam the non food covered end in her mouth, and wipe the food on the tray, but on Monday we went out to dinner with my parents and I gave her water from a straw and when I got tired of that tried to give her a spoon to play with and she refused to grab it, but opened her mouth like this was something we do all the time.
I don't know where she's learning this kind of deviant behavior, but I think her friend's must be a bad influence on her.

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