Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And that is all

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I got all excited yesterday because I thought Moira actually had enough hair to be able to put barrettes in it, but no, this slipped out after a few minutes and then wouldn't stay in her hair at all after that. I can't put headbands on her anymore cause she's too wiggly and they slip over her eyes, and I never remember to put hats on her unless it's super cold, so I will just have to resign myself to another few months of undecorated baby head.
Moira is valiantly trying to stand unassisted. She's managed at least 10 seconds, once even while holding onto a toy. She's also using actual syllables more, which makes me ridiculously happy because I am so tired of the raspberry noise.
Since Walker had Presidents day off we decided it would be a good idea to go downtown so I could finally go to Icon Grill and try the mac and cheese people are always asking me if I've tried (it wasn't that good people, and it kind of creeped me out how the waiter poured the extra cheese for me). Then we went to the Aquarium. I decided to walk Moira through the Market while Walker moved the car, since I knew there were elevators at the hill climb. Unfortunately they were gated off, so I had to carry the baby and the stroller down them. Fortunately, I found a little place on Market that sells cheesecakes, so we got to have those for dessert.
Moira loved the Aquarium. There were so many people to look at! She doesn't care so much for fish yet, but she did like the Orca sounds in the special Orca exhibit place.

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  1. The best macaroni & cheese I have had at a restaurant was at the McMenamin's. :0)