Friday, January 2, 2009

The year of the baby

I guess Moira's list of New Year's resolutions is long because she conquered two of them today. 1) Sitting up from a laying down position on her own and 2) picking up something with her thumb and fore finger. I guess this explains why she didn't nap today and doesn't want to stay asleep now. She got places to go and things to do.
The last few days have been hectic with Canadians and actually leaving the house and I'm feeling overwhelmed and exhausted now, so I can only imagine how she's feeling. Plus, yesterday, every time she woke up there were new people in the house. So why on earth would she want to fall asleep and miss the excitement. I'm trying to convince her that if she falls asleep more people will come over to play with her, but [info]galixie came over when she was awake today so that kind of ruined my credibility.
I hope 2009 is treating you well.

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