Friday, January 16, 2009

Wait, what?

I saw Bride Wars yesterday. It was pretty much as good as I expected (silly, but not great) but there was one line in it that was repeated a few times that annoyed me. "You don't alter a Vera to fit you, you alter you to fit Vera!" I have a few problems with that statement.

Lets start here. I'll admit that I'm a little out of the fashion loop now, but when Vera Wang started designing wedding dresses, she wanted to make simple uncomplicated designs that would flatter anyone. She was fighting against this. The predominate bridal fashion statement at the time. Yards of machine made lace, plastic pearls, mutton chop sleeves. You can pull off this look if you are 6 feet tall and weigh 100 pounds, but if you are built like the average woman it becomes overkill really quickly.

Now, compare that to the Vera Wang dress on the left. It's simple and refined, and the silhouette works for a wide variety of body types and sizes.
Next, a wedding dress is one of the only things the modern American woman buys that is designed to be fit specifically to her body. This is especially true of designer wedding gowns. If you are going to spend $18K or more on one dress, it should be fit to you, or it won't look it's best. No bridal designer worth their weight in lace wants their brides to look bad.
Except maybe Calvin Klein. Back when Milan tried to ban super skinny models from the catwalk, Calvin was quoted saying that he was against this plan because he didn't like women's bodies to ruin the lines of his clothing. I did a search for the article I originally read, but I couldn't find it because he's apparently grown! He had an ad campaign last summer for his new lingere line for plus sized women with notable plus sized model, Eva Mendes

Wow. What a porker. Actually, it seems that he's really trying to prove some point. Is Calvin Klein embracing a larger view of what constitutes beauty? Fat chance. I'm not sure what point he wants to make. Given his past tendency to pick ad campaigns based on shock value (Calvin Klein celebrates 40 years of scandals) I think I know what he's trying to say (Fat people are silly looking! Buy my clothes!)
Before I veer dangerously off topic. Let me just close with this. Clothes are made for people. They should fit you, not the other way around.Stacey and Clinton are always say that if the clothes don't fit you right, that's a sign that there's something wrong with the clothes. Please keep that in mind.

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