Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ugly fabric challenge

Ugly fabric challenge
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Monday was the December meeting of my new quilt group. Everyone who wanted to participate in the ugly fabric challenge brought a fat quarter of their ugly fabric, plus a fat quarter of a coordinating fabric in a wrapping you couldn't see through. One lady forgot to bring a bag, so she wrapped hers in her hat, and we all wanted to keep the hat, but she wouldn't let us.
This is what I have to work with. I think it looks fine, except for the fabric I picked (lower right hand corner) which I, of course, hate with a passion. I actually think the other ugly fabric (top right corner) is more classically ugly, but at least it's a nice color combination. The print is fine on mine, but the color selection is horrible. Brick red and hot pink? Plus, all the colors are the same shade, so it reads really muddy in person.
What was the best thing about swapping the fabric is that everyone was convinced they got the worst deal. Even the lady who ended up with all blue green colors. I actually think we all got an equally bad deal, since we have one fabric we legitimately hate, and most of the ugly fabrics people picked have something nice about them. Also, most of the pairings have accidental color harmony. There was one lady who ended up with a really bad combination, but she's one of the more experienced quilters, and it was the ugly fabric challenge was her idea. She seemed pretty excited about her fabrics too. We managed to keep it so that no one has the same two fabrics, which is excellent.
I have a bunch of white fabric that an ex roommate left behind, so I think I'm going to use that. I am also thinking I want to get some brown since both ugly fabrics have brown in them. I will probably fussy cut the pink flowers out of my fabric, so I don't really have to work on integrating the brick red.

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