Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Moira and I went to the Arboretum today to meet up with some other moms and children for a walk. What I forgot when I left the house is that when the radio is talking about the high winds, that means that 520 is going to be really hard to drive on. I had a minor panic attack when I hit the bridge and it was moving in ways concrete really shouldn't. I managed to calm down and make it across by driving so slowly people got annoyed and passed me, and by repeatedly saying, "Everything is fine. You can do this." It really wasn't so bad once you hit the midspan, and when I saw the Miata in the lane next to me, I had a place to be glad I wasn't. I would like to point out that I was only going 3 miles slower then the person in front of me, but traffic was so backed up that the gap got wide pretty fast.
I bought a couple of plants from the leftovers at the Arboretum's plant sale (it ends at noon, I got there at 1). I have Snowdrops and a Camelia. Now to figure out how to plant them.
I decided to drive home through Seattle instead of heading east on 520, since that side was worse. This meant I drove by the Top Pot I didn't know was in Wedgewood! Yay! I am not impressed with the peppermint donut I just ate, so hopefully the pumpkin old fashioned is better.

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