Wednesday, January 21, 2009

State of the Moira

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Moira is officially in the stage where she is a handful. She has stopped falling over so often, which makes her more willing to wander all over the house and get into things. In the past few days I have; fished her out of the laundry closet, watched her try to open a drawer in the kitchen, picked up the books she pulls off the shelf 10 times and wandered around the kitchen twice before finding her. I could hear her and I knew she was in there somewhere, but I couldn't see her. She was over by the garage door.
She's also started to babble more. She likes to say "dadadadat!" when she's happy, and when she is fussy she cries and crawls over to me saying "maomaom." She is also trying to get the hang of "ta" sounds, because I like to say "Tada!" and raise her hands in the air when I'm showing her how to crawl off the bed safely. And also sometimes, just because it's fun.
Lastly, she's now into dinner. We give her chunks of food from our dinner (still mostly veggies and meat, sometimes rice or barley) and she actually puts in her mouth and chews and attempts to swallow, and when her piece is gone she gets annoyed and demands more. She's started to get fussy around dinner time now, a state that seems to only be fixed by sticking her in the high chair.
We got a new stroller (my first finished goal from my 101 things list!) that will actually go through the woods, so we tried that out to go to the store today. It seemed to be a hit (after the initial fussing because I was putting her in a strange object) after the second time we went bumping over tree roots.

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  1. I miss this age. I know it can be frustrating, but look how cute!