Friday, January 9, 2009

More flowers

I keep thinking I should make a post where all these plant posts are linked. Then I think, "Isn't that what the tag is for?" Then I get distracted.


17. Heather
Already knew: Heather is a hearty shrub that is related to Lavender. It's not as fragrant as Lavender, but it still smells nice. It is hardy and likes to grown in rainy places.
Recently learned: It is a lime hating plant and thrives in an acid soil (making it perfect to plant if you rip out your ornamental Juniper, but that's something I knew about the Juniper bush, so I should save this tidbit.) Most of the plants in this family are native to South America.


18. Dandelion
Already knew: The dandelion is a weed that has many uses (including but not limited to: wine, food, medicine). Once it has gone to seed you can blow on it to make a wish. It is not related to the spiky dandelion looking plants I saw all over the Bay Area, those are Thistles. My Dad used to make me yank them out of the lawn, even though I liked them and didn't want them to go away.
Recently learned: Each of the petals on a dandelion is actually a separate flower, called a floret. It reproduces asexually. The dandelion flowers at the same time that honey bee season starts.

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