Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moira on call

Moira on call
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I left a development she conquered yesterday off my last post. Full scale crawling has now been achieved. We are so glad to have the baby gate up. Now to figure out how to keep her from chewing on the cable hanging out of the wall next to the fridge.
I can't get over how different she is lately. You can see her processing things when something new or unexpected happens. She's always craning her neck to try and see everything that's going. And, her hands? They are huge! They are real person hands now and not infant hands. When we are going to sleep she likes to hold my hand, so she can put whichever finger she wants into her mouth at any moment. And she can actually hold my hand now, not just get most of her hand around one finger.


This whole baby growing thing is crazy. This is what she looked like when she was still fresh baked and teeny. Now she's gigantic. And more scary to me is looking at the 18 month size clothes and they are even more gigantic. Of course, she's still smaller then one of my tank tops, so I suppose this her getting huge thing will just continue forever.

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