Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Later then I expected

Stuffed blocks

I wanted to make a post about the presents I made for Christmas, but I only just got the last of them to the recipient (Hi pearl!) so I had to wait.
I made these 6 stuffed blocks for Moira. Each side is a different fabric, so there's lots of fun things to look at. I was originally going to make giant plushy dice, but I made the 6 sider too big, and I was intimidated by the 8 sider. I'll try to get them done for her birthday instead. They would be too big for her to play with right now anyway.

Mika & Andrew

This is the cross stitch I designed for my sister's 15th anniversary (Oct 07), obviously, I didn't get it done in time, but it was finished for Christmas this year. Now I need to make it into a pillow. The original art was drawn by my brother-in-law (See his other art here). We have a long and silly history of collaborations. I have a whole folder full of pictures he drew of a super hero comic Sika and I wrote back in Middle School. The wedding picture was originally for a autobiography I had to write for a women's studies class. We were allowed to do it in any style we wanted, so I did a picture book.
I also designed a book about Moira's first 6 months of life to give to the grandparents and great grandparents and etc. The service I used was Blurb, and I really liked their book creator. Plus, it lets you keep the book private or list it for sale (which I did, in case extra people wanted copies).

Pearl's bag

I went to a quilt store a few months ago with pearl and her daughter and the whole time, pearl was saying "I LOVE batiks!" So I figured she needed something. I tried to find cobalt blue to make things for her kitchen, but that's a ridiculously hard color to find. Instead I found this pretty purple and made her a tote bag and a reusable coffee sleeve. I was worried that the coffee sleeve would be too snug (mine is) but hers was perfect.

Reusable produce bags

I also made some reusable net produce bags (purple for pearl, green for me and white for my Mom) I meant to take a picture of a single white one, since that would have shown up better on the floor, but I guess I forgot. I like mine a lot, although I'm planning on chopping some of them in half. I made them really long, which is perfect for carrots with leafy tops or lettuce, but slight overkill for beans. Unless you want to buy 10 lbs of beans or something.

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  1. I want to buy ten pounds of beans!

    Oh wait, maybe not.

    I am, as always, impressed by your awesome creations, though.