Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Important moments in wiggling, and an oops

Wiggle worm
Originally uploaded by Maydela
Over the last few days, Moira has started to wiggle around on her blanket so much that she ends up in a different spot then she started in. Also, she can now get 3/4 of the way over from her back to her front reliably and has managed to flip all the way over twice. She gets really angry when she flips herself onto her tummy though, I guess it's much harder to wiggle that way.

On Sunday we had friends over, and at the end of the evening, Moira was showing off her fist munching skills. While we people were staring at her adorableness, she managed to shove her finger up her nose. Unfortunately, Walker did not arrive in time to get a picture. I'm sure she'll do it again though.

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