Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter is here lalala

There is a lot of snow here now, and I here the storm this weekend will be worse! Although possibly rain or ice instead of snow! What fun! I am trying to prepare for the power to go out, since I hear from the neighbors that happens all the time.

Yes, just one this time, although I have two varieties.

Holly Tree

15. English Holly
Already knew: Holly was thought to perfectly represent Christ in medieval England. The song The Holly and the Ivy is all about that. The red berries represent his blood, the prickles the crown of thorns and the white flowers represent the purity of his mother. Holly plants comes in bush and tree forms. This one is a tree in our backdoor neighbor's yard and it is taller then our house. It is so big that my Mother in law didn't recognize it as a Holly. The berries are poisonous to humans.
Recently learned: The berries are ripe in fall, but don't become tasty to birds until winter when they have time to soften and sweeten. Pre-Christian Romans considered the Holly the plant of Saturn. It is the most sacred tree to Druids.

Bi Color Holly

16. Variegated Holly
Already knew: This is a recent cultivar of the Holly tree.
Recently learned: See above.

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