Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh look, an actual Moira post

Army crawl
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Moira is exceptionally good at the army crawl now (elbowing herself forward). As I type, she's noticed my shoes in the kitchen and is heading towards them.
I stand corrected. When I got her out of the kitchen, she was instead, trying to chew on the cable hanging out of the wall by the fridge.
Her favorite thing to do right now is crawl towards Stewie. He will be happily sleeping on one side of the living room and she will crawl quietly up towards him (she's usually quiet while moving, but she's especially quiet when trying to sneak up on him) and just when she can reach out and touch him, he notices her, yelps and runs to the other side of the room. She likes to crawl towards him when he's not sleeping too, but he moves more quickly that way, so she usually gets distracted by something else. Like the end table leg, which is so tasty for her to chew on.
This week, Bobbe is building us a wall and putting up some extra bits of wood so we can make a baby gate work on the stairs. Hopefully Moira won't notice the stairs until after it's done/

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