Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas story


On Wednesday, Walker spent approximately a billion hours shoveling snow while it snowed so that the Bordewick clan could park without getting stuck and Mom and Grandma could unload in the garage. Stewie here is helpfully modeling the shallow drifts near the house. When he stands in the shoveled part of the driveway, the snow reaches halfway up his body. And the rain we had for a few hours on Christmas Eve did not help, although sometime over the last few days our pond melted enough that all the snow on it is gone, although I think it froze again last night.

I open this one next

Eventually everyone who wasn't sick made it to our house. I always feel weird when I don't see my sister on Christmas Eve, but Christmas Day doesn't bother me as much. It's all good since we are getting together for Grandma's birthday on Sunday, so I can see her then. While my uncles washed dishes (They insist on doing it every time we get together because they were in the military and they have a system. The one time Mika and I kicked them out of the kitchen and did it ourselves, they lurked in the doorway until my Aunt Karen made them sit down. They also complain whenever we are at Mom & Dad's house and Dad insists on doing it his own self and since their kitchen is so small he can physically block the sink while he loads the dishwasher and they have to give up.) I passed out the presents and we had fun watching her play with the packages. Everything was light enough for her to pick up, except for the giant bear from Rich and his family, but that wasn't wrapped so she could pull on the ribbon on it's neck and knock it over, trapping herself until someone took pity on her and righted the bear so she could start the process over again.

Tired baby

When everyone left, I took a bath while Walker attempted to read his favorite Christmas story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Moira was so exhausted from the excitement after a week and a half of barely leaving the house that she passed out after three pages. Even more impressive, she almost stayed asleep when he brought her in to bed. She would have probably stayed asleep if I had waited to actually get comfortable, but she fell right back to sleep once we got situated.

Berry hat

Kiss me I'm Swedish

Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents from Walker's family. At least those that are not stuck in a Fed Ex truck by the side of the road on Juanita. (Seriously, we drove by it yesterday night. I'm sure that's where the package is since I saw another Fed Ex truck drive by on Friday, but the tracking information says unable to deliver due to weather for the last five business days. The power went out around 10:30 am, and stayed out until we left the house at 2:30. It came back on while we were gone, but another branch gave out and so it was out again by the time we came home from Carol's. Today it seems to be back permanently so laundry is chugging away so Moira can wear all her cute new clothes.

You can do it!

After all the excitement on Christmas Eve she did not want to nap Christmas Day. She fell asleep in the car on the way to Carol & Glen's house, and then was cranky and clingy for awhile after we got there. Eventually she realized that she had an adoring audience and decided to show off her crawling abilities. Max was particularly good at getting her to move forward. She also enjoyed trying to get their sweet dog Narla, who was very smart and tried her best to stay out of baby's arm reach.

Always read the instructions first

Nana gave her a beautiful bee riding toy. Of course, Moira only played with the tag, and the antenna, but when she can stand it will be great fun. I am very glad to see that Nana is doing so much better. I was sad that the snow made it so we couldn't go see her before Christmas, so we will just have to visit sometime soon in the New Year And maybe bring some pictures.

As soon as I finish handing out presents I intend to make a post of everything I made for Christmas presents.

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