Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent day whatever

Moira & Jack

I'm well adjusted to being trapped in the house (Trapped I say! Like mice!) but I'm starting to run out of Advent things I can do with supplies on hand. Also, who knows when I'll be able to get Moira to the doctors for her second flu shot, what with Walker being on call starting Tuesday through the 6th of January and needing my car to get to work until it stops snowing (Dear Porsche, please include the gizmo Walker wants in the Turbo he wants ASAP, kthanxbye), and I think I have to scrap visiting Nana before Christmas completely. I'll have to call her instead.
Here is a list of minor Christmasy things we have done in the last week:
Read Christmas books (Father Christmas, A Wish For Wings That Work)
Listened to Christmas music
Put wrapped presents under tree
Picked up Santa photos
Finished getting things ready to mail out (hopefully Walker can do that tomorrow and things can get next dayed)
Finished last minute Christmas presents
Drank eggnog (Tonight, eggnog with Rum! Yum)

I'm not sure what Moira and I will do for our last two unplanned days of Advent. Any suggestions?

We have also been hosting my friend Rane, her husband Ray, their son Jack, their dog and cat while they finish the move that never ends. Rane and Jack flew to Florida today and Ray is finishing cleaning up the house before he drives across the country and the worst of the snowstorms. Good luck to him. Jack and Moira both have colds, but watching another baby play with toys was interesting enough to keep them from being too cranky. Jack is a year old, so he is at the stage where he wants whatever you are playing with, which Moira still thinks is a good game, so it worked out okay. Except when Jack would decide to crawl over her to get somewhere and smush her little head into the carpet.

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