Monday, December 8, 2008

Advent day 8

Present for 14 year old girl
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This is the package I have collected for the 14 year old girl whose name I picked off the giving tree at the Lake Forest Park Mall, after much fretting about the idea of gift cards. I have been assured by and that teenagers love gift cards, and that has certainly played out with the teenagers I've known. The only problem with it for me really, is that I have NEVER been the kind of person who liked getting gift cards, even when I was 14. So every time I think about it my brain is going "Hey! That's not right!"
Anyway. I decided that a gift card was the best idea because everyone kept saying it was, but I also figure that since I am replacing Santa in this case (even though she surely doesn't still believe in him), there had to be something real in addition to the gift card.
So there is: lavender body wash, body mist and bath fizz tabs, a nice leather journal, a five pack of argyle print pens and gift card to Target. I sincerely hope she likes it.

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