Saturday, December 6, 2008

Advent day 6

Moira & me
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We skipped day 5. I was planning to go visit at the holiday bazaar she was selling her jewelry at, but instead we helped Alex & Jen get home after their car stopped working and Stewie to the vet.
Today we went to the Woodland Park Zoo for their Santa breakfast. It was a good event. It was nicely organized, with assigned tables for each group, and our table was right by the empty space where the entertainment was. The food was better then the regular food at the zoo which I guess means that it's not a horrible idea to have your wedding there (one of the options I was looking at for our wedding, and I thought at the time "Are you kidding me? The food at the zoo sucks!")
Snuggle Gorillas
Moira didn't care so much for any of the entertainment, or Santa, but she's getting old enough that if Walker and I get excited about something, she will mimic us, so we faked excitement for Santa.
I think we may do this every year. It was a good way to see Santa, there's a limited number of people standing in line with you for photos, the music they played was soothing, ignorable Christmas music, rather then the kind of Christmas musak in malls. Plus afterwards, you get to go to the zoo instead of Nordstrom's.

I've never been to the zoo this early, so it was cool to see all the animals sleeping. Especially the cuddling Gorillas. Unfortunately, Moira was exhausted and refused to fall asleep in the stroller instead screaming until I picked her up. So after visiting the refurbished carousel (yay!) and donating money to the new penguin habitat we went to the car where she fell asleep almost immediately.

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