Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent day 4

Front porch decorated
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Today, Moira and I decorated the front porch area. I bought some of those jelly window cling things purely because they were penguins, and we got the temporary hook things so that w didn't have to put a nail in the front door. I really don't like how the orange door looks with a red wreath on it, but whatever. We'll replace the door eventually.
This is the most our front porch is going to get decorated this year because Walker has discovered there are no outlets on the front of our house. Way to plan people! We found this out when we were trying to figure out how my family was going to find our walkway on Thanksgiving. We also discovered that the lightbulbs in our outside lights were something like 8 watts. No wonder they were useless. That has been fixed now.

For a future advent day, we also picked up a tag from the holiday wishing tree at the Lake Forest Park mall. My original intention was to get the card of a child Moira's age, but most of the cards on the tree were for teenagers and I felt bad for the poor teenagers knowing that most people were probably picking the younger kids. Now I have to figure out what to get for a 14 year old girl. The list of suggestions for this age range is unhelpful; clothes, Nintendo games, Play station games, Sports clothing. There are other things suggested too, but seriously? You've given me a name, gender and age. How do I know what size they are or what game system they might have. I will be including some lotion and bath stuff with the package, and maybe a pretty necklace, but that's assuming she's a girly girl.
So maybe this is why there were a lot of teenagers on the tree. In future years, we will stick with the child Moira's age and let her help pick out the toy, but she's really not going to be much help with this.

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