Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Advent day 22

7 inches!
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Walker is sick, so he worked from home yesterday, which meant I could let the baby play in the living room under his watchful eye while I cleaned up my sewing room. Yay! Best advent activity ever! It is such a small room and there were already things all over the floor and then with all the Christmas presents I made it got worse so there was only about 10" of clear floor space. I even moved things around so the big chest full of fabric is in the closet and the little chest with all my tools is more easily accessible. There's still not room for the 2 40 gallon bins of fabric that are in the storage room, but that won't happen until we can build out the closet.

My first Christmas
In response to the question I keep getting, this is how much snow we have. That is 7" on the benches. I imagine there's a couple of extra inches on the grass, but I didn't want to wade in there. I think the street in front of the house is probably close to the 7", plus there are some tire tracks where the people with SUVs and Walker have been driving to work.
In response to Sarah's request, here is a picture of Moira in one of her Christmas jammies. They just barely fit, but she doesn't mind the 3/4 sleeve look.

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