Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent day 1

Advent calendar
As today is the first day of December, I pulled out the Advent calendar Mom made when I was little. I didn't actually make little cards to attach to the rings for each of the activities we will be doing, or in fact, decide what to do on each day. I have a list though, and I will see if I can do one Christmasy thing per day and leave things open for different things then what I originally planned. If this goes well, next year I will make little cards for Moira pull off and have it all more planned out. Yay.

Fixed wreath
First up was fixing the wreath I bought for cheap at Joann's a few years ago. It is so cheap that the little red berries like to ping off every time you close the door, no matter how gently you do so. Well, we close our new door much less often here, what with the usable garage so I figured it could have a few years of use. Unfortunately, it was starting too look a little sparse, so I got some silver berry sprigs from Michael's and attached them with floral wire. Now to buy a hanger for the door. And yes, hanging the wreath is a separate activity on my advent list.

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