Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unspeakable horrors abound

Today was a good enough day, with actual things accomplished on my end, until the afternoon nap didn't happen and Moira spent the 3 hours before Walker came home rubbing her eyes, fussing, and then when I'd try to put her down acting wide awake. Oh and there was copious amounts of spit up. To keep myself from screaming before relief arrived, we had a photo shoot with the plushy Necronimcon since she just today achieved the ability to stay in a tripod sitting position for longer then a few seconds. She thought the book was pretty interesting too, interesting enough to look at even though Mommy was taking her picture, and that's pretty impressive.

We are trying to have Daddy be the one who puts her to sleep at bedtime. So far, this is not a popular plan, but I'm trying to let him decide when to call for help and not go in there and save him. I failed last night, because she was drifting off to sleep only to wake up screaming after a minute and that usually means she's hungry. I generally want to let Walker make his own parenting decisions and not try and have him do things the 'right' (my) way, but it's hard at this stage since there is information I should impart to him that I don't always think of until he's been trying to comfort a screaming baby for 45 minutes (Hey! Sorry to burst in like this, but maybe she's hungry!)

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