Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh yeah!

It is official. I love my new quilt group. I went to my second meeting yesterday, where we were supposed to discuss what kind of round robin we want to do next year. Instead, we decided to wait on that decision but we are doing a ugly fabric challenge at the next meeting where we will actually decide what kind of round robin to do. Everyone is going to bring two identical fat quarters of the ugliest fabric they can find and matching coordinates. Then you will trade one of your uglies for someone elses. You can then buy one or two more fabrics to try and tie them into each other, and then you have to make something.
I think this is awesome. I may use this Sushi restaurant fabric I found at Hancocks. It's not traditionally ugly, but i bought it mostly because it says "SQUID!" on it and it was so inexplicable. Especially since Robert Kaufman usually does better things. Or at least, things where you can tell the difference between the men and the women.
Further updates to be expected.

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