Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh no

Moira has been in the mysterious movement phase, where I look up and she's across the room, for awhile, but now she can direct her movement better so she is usually in one of two places in the living room. Here, inbetween the end tables trying to chew on the computer cord, or stick her fingers in the heat register, or under my great grandmothers china hutch, which while very well made, she has managed to rattle by grabbing ahold of the leg. We should afix it to the wall, but I'm not sure how to do that without damaging the antique. Maybe it will just go elsewhere for awhile.
Bobby is coming over sometime in the next week to look at our stairs and figure out how to 1) replace the banister a child can easily get stuck in and 2) put a baby gate on the stairs where it won't interfere with the door. We looked at a bunch of options online, but even though there are gates for metal railings and gates for slanted steps, there are no gates that will attach to a metal railing, slant over a few inches to the wall and go down far enough that we can put it on the landing instead of in the doors path.

We have finally found another food Moira seems to be willing to eat. Okay, so I'm impatient and really there were only two she wasn't fond of and she would kind of eat the peaches instead of pushing the spoon violently out of the way, but Butternut squash is a win. For the record:
Pears: Yes
Pickles & cucumbers: Yes
Potatoes: Heck no!
Peaches & nectarines: No thank you
Butternut squash: Yes

We are wondering how long she will continue to only eat foods Walker hates. We have zucchini in the freezer and cauliflower in the fridge, so there's two more we can try.

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