Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Go me!

Today, in a colossal feat of organization by me, I had plans to go to the La Leche League meeting in Redmond at 10am (smack dab in the middle of the time Moira usually naps) and her 6 month well child checkup at 3pm (smack dab in the middle of her afternoon nap). Go me! I tried to convince her to fall asleep in the 15 minutes we were there before the meeting started, but the building? Very interesting. There were only 6 people at the meeting, 3 leaders and 3 regular moms. So most of the meeting was generic Mom talk rather then specific nursing issues. The best conversation was about the internet.
Leader 1: I just joined Facebook. My husband and friends finally convinced me.
Me: I am considering that now too because two of my childhood friends have contacted my sister.
Leader 1: That's exactly why I joined! Plus I figure it's good to no what it is before my girls start doing stuff on there.
Me: I think by the time your girls are doing that kind of thing, everyone will have moved on to something more incomprehensible, like Twitter.
Leader 2: What IS Twitter.
Me: It's like a cross between text messaging and blogging. So all your messages are tiny and people send constant update about what they are doing throughout the day.
Leader 1: I don't think anyone wants that kind of information about me.
Leader 2: Yes, and I don't think I could remember to do something that often. I can't even remember why I went upstairs in the first place.
Me: Well, in that case, Twitter would be useful. "Am going upstairs to get socks."

Moira did not nap during the meeting, of course, but she was perfectly cheerful, and then fell asleep minutes after I put her in the car seat. Fortunately she also fell back asleep when we got home and I transferred her into bed. She even slept right until I would have had to wake her up to get her ready to go out again.

According to the growth charts at the Dr's office, she is approaching the 90th percentile in height but is still under the 50th percentile in weight. I made her one pair of pants last week, and I forsee having to do that a lot more. Since I've had a few people ask lately, here are her stats.
Height - 27"
Weight - 15lbs 14oz
Dr says she's healthy and doing great. Also, the red marks on her neck are stork bites and not a rash like I thought. Which is good really, since she's had them since a few weeks after birth, but it does beg the question; if the birthmark on my head makes me a unicorn, and the one on [info]elfflame's hip makes her a pegasus, what does a mark on the back of Moira's neck mean?

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