Wednesday, November 5, 2008


7. Snapdragon
Already knew: Snapdragons are a flower and they grow from seed. The version here is the kind sold in seed packets and six packs on every garden display outside of Fred Meyers, commonly called "party mix". The people who planted them in my yard appear not to have understood the concept of a multicolor assortment of flowers because they planted each color in a different spot, so there's two red ones on one side of the porch and one white one on the other and I forget where I saw the yellow one. If you squeeze carefully just behind the 'jaws' of the flower, you can make it open and close just like a real dragon's mouth. Or something.
Recently learned: There is heated debate on the taxonomy of the snapdragon flower, whether the species is made of one genus or two. You can make a green dye from the flowers.

8. Periwinkle
Already knew: Periwinkle is a viney plant that makes a good, close to the ground ground cover. The flowers are much more vibrant, pretty blue then the crayola color named for them.
Recently learned: This is Vinca, the European periwinkle. Madagascar periwinkle appears to be white, and that is just wrong. Periwinkle is fire retardant and drought resistant.

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